Niko's new winning smile!!

Last week I did a mini session of Niko during one of his practices… his family was so busy with soccer season we decided it wast the best (and perhaps only) time to fit it in! He has 6 awesome siblings, one of which happened to play on Kaia’s (our oldest daughter’s) Juventus team along with Niko this year! It is our first year playing club soccer and I am grateful at how welcoming they were and the kids have really made some good friends!


Niko recently got his braces removed from Tippin Dental Group so we had to show off his new smile with a little photo shoot, and of course show off his soccer moves on the field at the same time. He was super excited to be able to wear his uniform for the session!

The lighting at the field was perfection! We couldn’t have asked for a better night. Not to cold or windy! (You never know what the weather is going to do in Kansas, I mean it did snow like a week ago.)


Check out those juggling skills! You can tell he has been practicing since he was little. It has been so fun getting to see the kids play all season! Their last game was yesterday and I am a little sad to see the season end and I am already looking forward to the spring season!


I definitely see some team pictures in the future! Well, that’s all I have for now… Happy Monday, and I hope you have a great rest of your week!